(Not name, but Blood!)

Morn gilds the sky

wake and rise up brethren

Rises and light a lamp

tobreak the narrow boundaries of clans

In time of our fathers

there no east and west

Diverge not in our vague name

all one body we in the pure zo blood

Our vague name can wane away

but the kins zo blood will remain constant

Thought we are in diferent sections

every where our culture binds us together

O peoples of zoland

come and merge together

Hark the voice of our hazy nations and land

it calls for you and me

Work before the day is dying and

looked unto god who is gone before us

Trust jesus to leads home

tooked sword and marched for victory\triumphed

Be ye strong and brave and

stand for christ in our father land

Shed precios blood for tommorow

offer sweat toil and tears

Hoist zo flag in the high ground

and sang zo anthem to the highest

O Zoland i have promises

i will true to thee till death

Let a freedom bell rang

and sunshine in Zoland.

          -@Dedicate to those who suffered for the victims of oppression

for the sake of Zoland.


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